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Lawyers for First Time & Other Homebuyers

Helping First-Time Homebuyers, Real Estate Investors, and Others Buying Homes or Property

Buying your first home is an important milestone in your life. It should be an exciting, memorable, and positive experience. However, navigating this process as a first-time homebuyer can be extremely stressful. The lawyers at The Burton Firm can assist you in understanding your rights as a homebuyer, advise you on potential pitfalls, and make you aware of unknown and/or hidden costs.


Our attorneys have years of experience representing first-time homebuyers, flippers, and property investors. We have assisted clients with the purchase of small single family homes to high-end condos. We also have numerous legal provisions that we recommend buyers include in their contract to best protect them – provisions that are not contained in the standard purchase contracts in Florida.

Oftentimes, buying your first home can be extremely overwhelming, as friends, family, banks, title agents, and real estate professionals are throwing a vast amount of information at you. However, our team of legal professionals can assist you in answering many common questions, such as:

  • How long does it typically take to close on a property?

  • How do I obtain a mortgage?

  • What is a standard deposit when buying a house?

  • How long should my inspection period be?

  • Do I need to perform an inspection of the house?

  • How do I obtain homeowner’s insurance?

  • What are the property taxes?

  • Am I required to purchase title insurance?

  • How much will my closing costs be?

  • Can I negotiate the purchase price after I sign the contract?

  • Am I able to terminate the contract after signing?

  • How do I legally terminate the contract after signing?

  • Are there any legal concerns with the property?

Additionally, our lawyers can help you better understand the following matters related to buying a house and/or condo:

  • Out-of-pocket costs;

  • Closing costs;

  • Mortgage fees;

  • Closing agent fees;

  • Important contract deadlines;

  • Condo Association and/or Property Owners’ Association fees;

  • Due diligence;

  • Legal descriptions;

  • Title defects (e.g. fence encroachments, easements, licenses, property line disputes, etc.);

  • Property taxes;

  • Homestead exemption;

  • Appraisal contingencies and other conditions to close;

  • Obtaining Condo Association and/or Property Owners’ Association approval; and,

  • Closing Document preparation and review

Additionally, our legal team can provide you with a full understanding of your rights and responsibilities so you do not have to face this difficult and confusing process alone. If you need assistance with buying your first home, please call The Burton Firm for a free consultation. Our legal team will evaluate your case and inform you of your legal rights and available options.

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